The Tawdry Allure Of O J Simpson

A. In this age of celebrity obsession, is not a surprise O. Think again. prison coincides with the DVD release of Juiced? That reality show where once the beloved Hall of Famer, a. See O. The juice, gangsta rap sings and plays twisted practical jokes. K. J. Pose as a pizza delivery boy drunk, a car salesman peddling a bullet-filled Bronco, etc.. J. Now that he doing now - up to 33 years - after being convicted of abduction and detention of two memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in Las Vega, one might think that I have heard the last of O J Simpson.

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Vanessa Hudgens Is A Tired Kitson Shopper

Vanessa Hudgen see how tired you take a break to American Mall on Thursday afternoon in Glendale, California 19 years I love High School Musical is busy shopping for the holidays and preparing for his 20th birthday. Vanessa was about yesterday and shopping and stopped at Napa Valley Grille in Los Angeles for lunch. Next month, Vanessa and her-and-off-screen lover Zac Efron will be heading to Japan to promote their films, High School Musical 3.

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Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise City Shoppers

Has a Big Apple retail romp, Katie Holme and Suri Cruise have been spotted out shopping at Williams-Sonoma on Thursday evening (December 11). While his running barefoot 2 years on what was a city of New York day, said Katie reported that shes happy with Toms Golden Globe announced the appointment earlier today..

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Major Hints For Iron Man 2 Dragonball T4 And Clone Wars

Terminator 4 Plus, Dragonball and TDTESS clip. Today include a spoiler Iron Man 2 revelation. Shocking Heroes pictures together! Sulu new role on the Clone Wars! Plus spoiler for Fringe, Dollhouse, Batman, Kyle, Sarah Connor, Supernatural, Smallville, Wonder Woman and much more!.

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Bonuses From Ufc Fight For The Troops

At least so it seemed after Wednesday night UFC Fight for the troops in Fayetteville, NC, which will be remembered as an event chock full of some of the most brutal UFC finishes in history.. There must be something to fight in front of men and women who put their lives on the line for you on a daily basis that increases the performance to a whole new level.

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